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Petaluma Personal Training


Personal Training as low as $25 per hourMotivational, progressive, and individualized


How do people achieve great results from their exercise programs?

They almost certainly work with an expert who has the knowledge and experience to separate the fads and myths from the foundational health principals and scientifically proven methods that lead to success.

We all know that we need exercise to stay healthy, feel great, function better in life, perform well in sports,  and reduce stress.

What many don’t understand is that attaining fitness is not “one size fits all”.

Each of us has our own goals. Some people want to alleviate pain. Some need to lose weight. Others want to improve their performance in a particular sport. Everyone starts at a different place on the path to fitness.

Your exercise program should be challenging, but not so difficult that you cannot perform it correctly or risk injury.

Your exercise program should progress as you improve so you can continue to see results.

This is why we recommend you work with a private coach who will take the time to create the ideal exercise program for you, adapt that program to meet your needs, and motivate you to stay on track and reach your goals.


Schedule a free one hour session to explore how you can best reach your fitness and health and wellness objectives.
If you decide to move forward in a personal training program you will receive regular assessments to measure progress and keep you on track to reach your goals.

Personalized coaching can assist with achieving:

  • Flexibility
  • Muscle tone
  • Strong core muscles
  • Total body stamina
  • Balance and Coordination
  • Weight loss
  • Total body function
  • Improved athletic performance

There are a  variety of exercise modalities that you can choose from to achieve fitness.  Do one or choose a combination of as many as you would like.

  • Exercise ball exercises
  • Medicine ball exercises
  • Free weight exercises
  • Balance (tilting reflex exercises)
  • Bosu and balance board exercises (equilibrium reflexes)
  • Kick Boxing exercises
  • Core specific exercises
  • Power and speed exercises

Private coaching is convenient. You select the time you want to exercise. You are not limited by a class schedule.


  • Semi Private Personal training. Would you like to exercise with one or two of your best friends or family members? We can also match you with others who have similar goals.
  • Semi Private training is two or three people trained by one coach so you receive maximum results while sharing costs.
  • One (1 hour) session per week is just $35 per person
  • Two (1 hour) sessions per week is Just $30 a session per person
  • Three (1 hour) sessions per week is  $25 a session per person
  • Private Personal Training is one to one training
  • One (1 hour) session per week is $70 per session
  • Two (1 hour) sessions per week is $60 per session
  • Three (1 hour) sessions per week is $50 per session

Achieving health and fitness requires commitment and consistency. We want to reward those who understand that consistency brings greater results.


You can start as soon as tomorrow. You can CLICK HERE to schedule your first FREE SESSION, or you can call and schedule your first free session.

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