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  Michael Finn  



I don't work with the rich and famous. I work with ordinary people who are tired of putting up with chronic health problems. Many of them suffer from ongoing pain. A lot of them know they need to lose weight, but are discouraged based on past failures. Most of them have a sense that they need a "whole body" approach to reach their health goals, but don't know where to start or are overwhelmed by too much information. A fair number of them are baby boomers who are facing their last, best chance to age well.

My services--available in my studio, via the web, or by phone--include correctional exercise programs, nutrition and lifestyle coaching, and education to help people understand and listen to their own body, so they can be healthy for the rest of their lives.

My programs are reasonably priced and easy to follow. My clients consistently meet and exceed their objectives and rave about my personal approach. Success does require a commitment to follow through on what we begin. I'm ready, are you? Schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation.

In Heath, Michael Finn, Finn Fitness & Wellness


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