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Michael Finn: Biography
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Our mission at FINN FITNESS & WELLNESS is to provide education, inspiration, support, and a proficient, energized staff to serve our clients’ diverse physical fitness needs.



We believe that everyone is capable of improving their health and fitness.

We know that to be effective, health and fitness programs need to be tailored to the individual – based on their health history, body type, genetic makeup and functional lifestyle needs.  We believe that fitness programs should be affordable and easy-to-follow, with no need for fancy equipment or a membership at a gym.

Our programs are built on foundational health principles – with no fads or quick fix gimmicks. Our exercise regimes start with core strength and flexibility and build on incremental success. We don’t put people on diets, we help them learn how to eat. We provide education and support so people can be healthy for the rest of their lives.

We believe that most people would benefit from expert assistance in reaching their fitness goals.  (Research shows that 86% of people who realize their health objectives. do so with the help of a trainer or coach.) Our commitment is to provide that support with the same level of personal attention we give to our own health needs.


Michael FinnMichael Finn, senior trainer and owner of FINN FITNESS & WELLNESS has been certified as a personal trainer and/or sports and fitness specialist by:
National Council of Strength and Fitness,
National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Michael is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner,  CHEK Practitioner Level I and a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level I.

He is an expert in Corrective Exercise, Scientific Core Conditioning, Scientific Back Training, Individual Program Design, Advanced Swiss Ball Training, and Dynamic Medicine Ball Training.


My life has been circumscribed by losses and gains. Ironically, the losses have contributed the most to my character and my philosophy of life — don't quit!

When I was two years old, I lost 85% of my eyesight when a doctor erred in prescribing medication for a vitamin B deficiency. My brothers, however, wouldn't acknowledge my loss as an excuse. They treated me as before. When I messed up — running into something or failing to catch a ball — they told me to concentrate harder, use other cues to pick up on where the ball was, or memorize where things were in order to avoid running into them. They just would not let me give up! To this day, some twenty years later, I can still draw pictures of my elementary school that I had memorized, and can tell you where every single classroom was. I didn't care if people said, "No," or "You look funny", or "You're a moron", or if they said, "You just can't see." I didn't give up. And I refused to quit.

Upon reaching adolescence, my family was faced with additional challenges as we went from a two-parent household to a single-parent household. My mother resorted to more TV dinners and fast food as her time at home diminished. I began to gain weight, to slow down and to lose some of the advantages I had gained over my poor vision.

Then at the age of 15, thanks to the advice of my mother's friend, a former Navy diver, I began to explore the effects of nutrition and exercise on my body. I started eating more protein, became leaner and performed better physically. I went from being the person in the neighborhood who was really bad at sports to the person that began running the ball down the field to score a touchdown when we played touch football at the park. I also came to realize the importance of my fitness to my overall quality of life. Unable to drive a car, I needed to be able to walk everywhere. Should I were become injured or sick, I would have to become totally reliant upon other people. Therefore it was in everyone's best interest for me to stay healthy.

Michael FinnIn college, I began to overdo it a bit. Halfway through my second semester of college, I worked out to the point of excess: running, swimming, weight lifting, martial arts — you name it, I did it. I was so wrapped up in exercise, that I soon had to drop out all of my academic classes as I couldn't do my homework, nor could I stay focused in class because I was exhausted. I certainly learned the hard way what overtraining can do.

Eventually I found out how to balance my life while training with the American River College track team for the Paralympics in Barcelona, Spain. While in Spain I accidentally broke my foot, but the coaches at the Olympic Training Center were an inspiration, encouraging me to diversify my training to relieve the stress on my foot. Once again, the loss of one capability led to the discovery of others.

Up until that time, I had been mostly concerned with my own personal fitness. However, when I opened a coffee stand in the State Building in Sacramento, I discovered the influence we can each have over each other's health. During the course of over eight years in the coffee business in the same location, encountering the same steady stream of customers every day, I came to know a wide variety of people, and by observing their daily food choices and their habits, I noticed definite patterns — most would buy the identical sandwich and drink everyday, and for many, this would be their main or only meal. Over time, I noticed that some people were staying lean while others would put on weight. Somewhere in the middle of all that, I decided that I needed to find a way out of my business. Even though my coffee stand was quite profitable, it was no longer personally rewarding. I really wanted to make a difference in peoples' lives, and the way for me to do that was to embark on a healthier career. That way I could work with people to improve their health and physical fitness.

Two significant losses strengthened my commitment to help others improve their health — losing my father to cancer when he was only fifty years-old, and shortly thereafter the death of my best friend Joe to a sudden heart attack. Both my father and Joe had been relatively active, but neither had maintained a good nutritional diet, and their untimely deaths made me reconsider the role of nutrition in fitness. About this time I met my soon-to-be bride, Nadine, and it was she who encouraged me to pursue a career as a fitness trainer. As I moved up the ranks as a trainer, I became most intrigued by the philosophy and methods of Paul Chek in his various training materials. After enrolling in my first CHEK Institute training seminar, I was so excited about these concepts that I immersed myself in nutrition and physiology studies, and strove to incorporate these philosophies into the diet and exercise routines of my family. As everyone around us began to notice the positive changes in our physical appearance and energy levels, and it was then I was convinced that I had found what it was that I wanted to share with my clients!

I want my clients to be able to move the way they want to move, to feel the way they want to feel. Certainly I have clients who have physical goals like participating in triathlons, or rock climbing, but generally I help ordinary people be healthy. My personal reward is giving back to humanity. I am trying to teach people how they can be stronger and healthier in hopes that they can teach their families how to be stronger and healthier. I'm not destroying anything, but I'm rebuilding something. I've had enough loss in my life to teach me that rebuilding is sometimes better than turning back the clock.



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